Stretch Goal for April 2020




By April 30, as part of the Coding team, I will have completed the Solo Learn C# course to be able to get the certificate for April’s Stretch Goal.


I want to achieve this because after working in Unity on my own and being the only one to make the code, I realized it was not that scary at all and it really grabbed my interest. Learning the basics will help me grow from there, using my book knowledge to apply it in-game.


I will reach my stretch goal by working through the Solo Learn C# Course.


I will finish 1 category a day during school hours (7am-2pm)


I will use the Solo Learn module for C#, which teaches me different components of the coding language and how they work together.


Each day I will have completed one of the categories (such as Basic Concepts and Methods), and within those I will be working on each of the sections, about 9 per category.

Heroines / Heroes

Maybe this is on a lower scale, but Enrique from my class. He always knows how to fix things and can do it right off the top of his head and i’d really love to be at that level, even if it’s simple things.



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